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4-step plan for employees. The perfect job for you at the right company. Together with you we will ensure the perfect match!

Step 1

View the vacancy that suits you and enter your contact details.

Step 2

We will contact you and discuss the vacancies.

Step 3

With the right match and mutual agreement, we will offer you the job and take care of all the paperwork.

Step 4

You start your new job! Of course you are not alone. We remain available for support!

Looking for staff:

This is how we help you get started

We have the perfect candidate for you. Together we provide a practical and optimal solution!

Phase 1

Post your free vacancy.

Phase 2

We will contact you to discuss the exact job content in order to achieve the optimal solution for you.

Phase 3

We look for and match the right candidate with you as an employer.


At WORKXWORK.EU we have a constantly changing vacancy offer. If your job is not listed, please contact us and let us know your personal wishes!

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